#7 Bad Film Reviews

March 10, 2008

Nothing thrills a Film Critic more than a turgid film that enables him to tear the director of such banal tripe a new one! Behold…

10,000 BC

What’s it about:
In a remote mountain tribe a young hunter D’Leh is determined to show he has the strength, courage and indomitable spirit that his fellow tribesmen fear he lacks. It’s the year 10,000 BC (the clue is in the title of the movie) and when his intended and an assortment of other tribesfolk are kidnapped by group of marauding warriors its up to D’Leh to step up to the plate and prove how worthy he is.

Is it any good?
Just before xmas I was late for a preview screening of this which was hosted by the Director Roland Emmerich. As is customary for late comers I was denied access by the burly security guards at the swanky hotel which hosted this auspicious event. Never mind though I made sure I ate like a Saprtan and dined on the food drink I also left with several goodie bags. Anyway I digress…this should have been an omen as I wished I’d missed the press screening for this which took place yesterday as it was truly awful. In fact it’s an instant nominee for the Razzies, turgid, vacuous and a shoddy display of what not to do with CGI. The B in the title should almost certainly be followed by the letter S.

You’ll remember this bit:
Apart from the detached way in which you view the characters I guarantee you’ll let out a low cheer when several meet an untimely death. Several scenes are lifted straight from 300 and Apocalypto without shame or favour. I loved the way that prehistoric man in the first of many nods to the untold plot-holes that pepper this monstrosity, master the art of the English language. Also their unswerving pride in dental hygiene is highly commendable. Do yourself a favour, this film is deader than a DoDo so make sorting your odd socks draw a priority if you are invited to go and see this.


One Response to “#7 Bad Film Reviews”

  1. avyaya said

    Thanks for guiding movie savvy ppl like me with a timely review 🙂

    Was expecting a lot from this movie.

    Thanks for the mini review. Hope you are out of that irky feeling when you were watching the movie. 🙂


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